Age 41 – Gay man – “Hard on really hard and stands up proud.”

Improved physique from being more motivated at gym and swimming. Better sleep pattern and not cutting sleep hours watching porn and webcams like [deleted]. Better posture less back ache and neck ache not huddled over a PC half the night.

Not had any change to my voice, no change to body hair and no change to receding hairline. Not had a wet dream at all but have started having some intense dreams.

Specific changes: (personal ones) dick isn’t raw and sore half the time it looks real healthy. Blood surges to dick during the day from time to time – previously dick was dead outside PMO sessions. Hard on really hard and stands up proud. Even the part under my balls leading to my asshole gets really engorged now. Didn’t have big hard on issues before but rarely got them as stiff and proud as I do now.

My balls feel bigger and fuller. They seem to be more low hanging. I love this keeping the spunk in my body as a life force or energy and have really got to believing in this. Before my balls were just dead outside a PMO session now they are buzzing and I am aware of my balls when I walk or run or when sitting. When I shave my balls (always have for long time) they just seem fuller now they’re not being drained several times a day.

Yes many psychological benefits to no PMO but the physical ones made me feel more dominant more masculine and made me give fewer “fucks” about shit that don’t really matter. So much improved my body image.

LINK – 90 days ” body changes”

by shenjiaohui



Not been too difficult to steer clear of porn masturbation and orgasm this week. Not felt too frustrated. Kept the body busy swimming, kept a good diet and slept fairly adequately (not sleeping enough has been a problem for some years and can affect my mood detrimentally) Towards the end of the week finding my eyes getting excited by people more but nothing extreme. Have read a little which normally I can’t be motivated to do. Found reading other posts to be motivating and feel confident that another week is possible. Not had ‘blue balls’ which I’ve had in previous no fap periods but the last two days my balls have felt ‘big’ and have kind of been more aware of them when walking/sitting down but have not touched other than to wash or necessary adjusting. Really hoping this don’t become blue balls but will cold shower if it does. Otherwise feeling good considering it’s November, dark cold and wet here. Actually in Day 82 no porn right now and can hardly believe I achieved this since mid August after a 5 year + daily porn use and even worse web cam viewing – really don’t wanna go back there such a waste of time and damaging. So PMA and focusing each day. Gone on a bit now so bye for now.