Age 41 – Memory dramatically improved, Better stress management, More “alpha”


41 years old, started Nofap around 2 years and a half ago. Reached a couple of 90 days streaks and two 5 months streaks before this one. Benefits? So far I can tell you:

  • more laid back and able to manage stress
  • memory dramatically improved
  • more assertive and ‘alpha’
  • *better time management (A longer report will follow)

[I’ve been doing] hard mode. It’s hard (no pun intended :D) at the beginning but imo it s the best way over time.

[Started porn at] 14 yo, tv then Vhs, mags..long before the internet was around (1989) , wasn’t aware I was debasing myself and doing something so harmful, thought this was a normal way of getting to know myself and wasn’t realising how much it affected my life and harnessing my self growth.

I started realizing this through the years and started with long streaks of nofap a few years ago (say 2012)..not easy to stop but eventually you have to if you want to free yourself from something which does not let you live your life to its full potential.

1) I actually had two 150ish days streaks before this one. I must confirm 150 days was a pretty critical moment. You may go through emotional rollercoasters and I think this is due to the improved sensitivity-which can be a strenght too, depending on how you use it! But I had some sort of rejection with a girl I liked after the first 150 streak and some stressful time during the second. The key has been never giving in during this current streak and I certainly might have learnt from previous streaks (and failures!)

2) I prefer live music videos! 🙂 jokes apart, yeah we are exposed to semi nudity, sexy poses not only in music video, ads etc, everywhere! Over time that thrill will get weaker and -most importantly- you learn how to manage it and get over it..Yet it may still be there so my advice (and what I actually do), don t indulge on those images (I have never had instagram for example, even though I have been tempted to create an account). But imho it s the way you use socials and the web so the key is learning how to access those images without letting them take control of you-but, staying in control, in actual fact.

I have reached my current streak after I stopped having any ‘little peaks’ at all.

LINK – Celebrating my 7th month today!!! Guys WE are great! 🙂

by boundtosucceed96