Age 42 – I enjoy spending time with my wife more, I’m happier and more ambitious


Actually, this is NoFAP day 91 for me. Married 42 yo guy. Life is clearly improving, though I’m not quite Superman yet. I am generally feeling happier, stronger, more confident, more friendly, more ambitious, and more outgoing. I’ve also been eating better and lifting weights. I’ve dropped about 15 pounds during the last couple months.

My marriage seems to be improving a little. I enjoy spending time with my wife more than before. She seems cuter, more interesting, and more desirable than before. The quantity of sex has improved a little, but still has a long way to go. The quality of sex has improved somewhat. I didn’t really have any serious PIED or DE issues, it’s just that the frequency and quality of sex had dropped greatly.

I use to feel a lot of resentment towards my wife (mainly for her lack of sexual desire). The chicks in porn seem so “enthusiastic”. Several months free from porn help me see through that bullcrap.

I’m seeing my wife more realistically these days. Yes, her desire for sex leaves room for improvement, but she has so many desirable qualities. She is cute, trim and healthy (sadly these are rare for American women in their 40’s). She is a good cook, a good homemaker (though she works part time as we have no children). She is very feminine. She has a humble gentle submissive Christian spirit. She wants to follow my leadership. Most importantly, she loves me, she is completely devoted to me. I am the only man she has ever, or will ever have sexual relations with.

I’m working on becoming more “desirable” to my wife, and I’m making progress.

Best wishes everyone. Also, just a reminder, but we have to remain very careful. I was here about a year ago with a 90 day report. Then, I relapsed on day 107, got discouraged, and fell away for a few months. Now, I’m back.

LINK – 90 day report from married middle aged guy

by 2Bart4

Today is day 108 for me! That is a new record.

After learning about NoFAP (16 months ago), I went 19 days on my first try. Then, I relapsed for a week, and went 107 days on my second try. Then, I relapsed again, got very discouraged and continued to relapse every few days for a number of months. I even quit coming here, since I was so depressed.

Somehow, I got back on track in December, and here I am. My marriage is improving. My wife is much cuter than before. The quality of our sex has improved. I’ve also dropped 21 pounds since the first of the year, and am making progress with my weightlifting. I am looking better, feeling better, and getting tough.

I’ve only got about 17,500 days to go (God willing, and I live to my planned 90 or so years of age).

Hang in there everyone, and best wishes!

LINK – 108 days down and around 17,500 to go. 42 year old married guy entering uncharted waters.


My mother and sister recently mentioned to me that I am looking muscular (68 year old mom’s word) and buff (40 year old sister’s word).

I’m 42, and have NEVER been muscular or athletic at all. I’m getting there though. Hopefully, my wife notices as well. permalink