Age 42 – PIED gone, rock solid again


42 year old married guy, fapping since age 13, and using internet porn since college (dial up days). I learned about nafap, ybop, dopamine response, etc. about two years ago. That got me started on nofap. I went 17 days, and then relapsed for a week.

Then, I went 107 days and relapsed for 6-7 months. Then, I went 129 days (this spring). After that, I relapsed for 3-4 months. During that last relapse, I started to develop PIED.

PIED scared me, and got me motivated to do nofap again. Now, I’m back up to 90 days. After a couple weeks, the PIED was completely gone, and I was rock solid again.

Unfortunately, my sexual relationship with my wife isn’t very good (never has been very good). We’ve only had sex about 6 times during these 90 days (about 2x a month).

I also came out to her recently about my porn “addiction” issues, and nofap. She is pretty upset about it. We had talked about it years ago, but more recently (8 years or so), I had been dishonestly giving her the impression that it wasn’t a problem anymore.

Trying to work through it all. Still, 90 days is something to celebrate. Best wishes all.

LINK – 3rd time reaching 90 days.

By 2Bart4