Age 43 – 30 Days in. NoFAP has transformed my marriage

I’m 43 years old and been married for 20 years. Up until now I fapped the entire time. I committed myself to try NoFap / NoPorn for 30 days. Today I hit that mark. The results have been incredible!

What I have discovered is that PMO was causing me to have huge unrealistic expectations from my wife. I had no idea how much until I stopped the PMO.

Since I have stopped I have become so much closer to my wife and our marriage has improved immensely. We have not had a single argument the entire time. The sex has improved off the chart. We are spending much more quality time together. Talk about superpowers! If things have improved this much in 30 days and I can’t wait to see where they go in the future.

Married guys- if you are thinking of trying NoFap I highly recommend it. Your wife can’t compete with what you seen in porn because porn is not real. Take some time to read about how porn is made and you will realize she will never be able to live up to those expectation.

Young guys – I can’t believe how much of my life and marriage I may have wasted because of PMO. Don’t get caught in the same trap I did. Don’t chase fantasies that your wife can’t fulfill because you will never be satisfied. Instead, enjoy what you have together and build upon it. If you cherish your wife and show her love you will be surprised where your relationship and sex life will eventually go.

Thanks to everyone for the support this group has provided. It hasn’t been easy, but it also hasn’t been as hard as I thought it would. Sometimes you just have to man up.

LINK – 30 Days in. NoFAP has transformed my marriage

by DaleFletcher