Age 43 – ED & Married: Took almost 40 months, but now inches away from recovery


HOLY CHRIST ……….After almost 4 years. Last night I had a drink or 2 (I gave up 3 years ago) and almost forgot about my ED, AND BINGO!!!!!!!!!!! Have not have a boner like that in 40 months…..So signs are good that I am almost healed. My libido is poor (but as soon as my wife kissed me last night………boom!! )

I was a SERIOUS CASE that took almost 4 years to heal, but it looks like the last battle will be with myself and my confidence.

Once I’m past that, I think I stand an excellent chance of full recovery!! Believe me if I can recover ANYBODY CAN!!!!!!!!

LINK – Took 40months almost , but inches away now from recovery

BY – SmithsDisco