Age 43 – My wife’s touch is special & very arousing instead of being ‘not quite as good as my own hand’. No longer have performance issues


Since my last post on July 29, 2016 I have made a lot of changes. I gave my wife a little card which spelled out my promise never to masturbate and never to orgasm without her. She keeps it in her bedside cabinet. I have managed to stay absolutely true to this pledge and I am now certain that I will never edge or orgasm again while by myself.

The impact of this has been dramatic, and for me the key has been the absolute nature of my promise. It means I can’t/won’t do anything that has even the slightest chance of leading to accidental orgasm, so I now have an aversion to getting really turned on without my wife.

I have briefly looked at P and fetish sites once in a while but being unable to act on it they have no real attraction to me. There is now a good strong mental barrier which stops me pursuing an interest in them.

And finally… The effect of my pledge on our love life is that I now never have performance issues. The fact that I can’t masturbate means that her touch is special and very arousing instead of being ‘not quite as good as my own hand’. My no M/O pledge is now something we share which adds some eroticism to our relationship, so there is no down side to it at all. I am confident I have found the solution to what was a lifelong problem.

LINK  – Six months no PMO

by Changing73