Age 44 – Definitely works and sex will make your head spin

I told my wife that I had read about the nofap challenge and that I wanted to try it for 30 days to see if it were real.

I didn’t make it a serious thing with a lot of angst and agony. It was similar in tone to telling her I wanted to train for a marathon. A couple of days later I showed her the Gary Wilson Ted talk. She was blown away and said she was into the experiment.

Now, I should point out, she had absolutely no clue to the depth of my addiction. She knows that guys master bate and considered it a fact of life.

But the change in me after 30 days was so dramatic, we decided to keep it going. I had a lot more energy and got so much stuff done around the house. I had more patience and was much more affectionate. We went from have sex once every two weeks to 2-3 times a week. And when we do, I am noticeable larger and don’t lose my erections.

She has really shared in the experience and we are loving it. Huge props to those who are doing nofap and are single. But to those of use with a supportive partner, nofap is so much easier.

LINK – You told your GF or wife? Share your positive stories?

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I’m 44. I’ve been PMOing 3-5times a day since I was 16. I knew it was negatively affecting my life for years. 20 years ago, I tried to stopped but couldn’t. This reddit has made a difference by the information and shared knowledge. I will post a summary post when I’m at120. But if you had asked me whether I good go this long with p or m, I would have been incredulous. And now its slowly becoming the norm. But having a partner has made a huge difference and my wife LOVES the new me. Full of energy and life. Patient and present.

I’m now 100 days+ and let me tell you…it works. No uncertainty [“Ecrutiating uncertainty of intercourse.”] anymore. So much better. Good luck in your battle.

I’m a big fan of sex during nofap. You will feel more connected to your partner than ever. My only advice is to let yourself have a few days in between so that you aren’t just doing a swap. Learn to appreciate and harness pent up energy both towards your SO as well as anything else you do. Be very wary of the chaser effect. Temptation to fap will be strongest the day after sex. Hold strong. It does go away and gets replaced by a quite pleasant feeling of contentment in the days following sex.

When my wife and I were trying to conceive, I was still fapping. Back then my semen would appear watered down. I was diagnosed with low sperm count. Eventually we had to do ivf. Now that I’m on nofap, my semen looks completely different. While I haven’t gotten tested, this is definitely a change. My semen is very, very thick- not watery whatsoever. And the volume is insane. I really feel like if I got tested today, it would make for a different result.

I am a much more loving and attentive husband since starting nofap. The result is I also get a lot more sex. We used to go once a month. Now it’s 2-3 times a week. Amazing.

I take Ritalin. All good with nofap. I have found that I need much less, though.

[About orgasm] At 60 days I can tell you it’s intense. It will make your head spin. The load volume is ridiculous, and the orgasm just keeps going and going. My orgasm used to last about 5 seconds. Now it’s more like 15. Very intense. Its also very easy to have multiples.

[Advice to forum member]

It will definitely work and sex will be an amazing sensation. You will probably go through a period when you will orgasm much sooner that you want. Fight through it and you’ll be fine. Even when going through that period, you usually recharge pretty quickly for round 2.

UPDATE – Today is my 4 year anniversary of NoFap

I can’t believe it’s been 4 years of nofap. 1,461 days. I used to be 2-5 times a day. I am currently, 48 years old. I am married with 2 kids.

Back then I was fat, sad, and disconnected with my family. My own bedroom was completely dead, maybe having sex with my wife once a year. Never was able to finish.

Today, I’m in the best shape of my life. I’m much more present. My wife and I have sex 3 times a week. I help around the house. I’m more patient at work.

Of course it won’t fix all of your problems, but it will clear you mind and give you the energy to focus on your problems so you can fix them yourself.

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