Age 46 – DE, My erections are harder than I can remember and sex is just amazing


I have been fapping longer than most of you have been alive. I had to start with playboys, then dial up internet, etc.. You guys have it sooo easy with your high speed internet porn. Even at my age, I still was a daily PMOer, sometimes twice a day (work from home half the day). I decided to try NoFap, when I thought there might be a correlation in the amount of time I was spending PMOing and my less than stellar erections, my sometimes inability to finish, and my lack of interest in sex with the wife.

Those things were all true. I thought it was due to my age, T levels dropping, etc.. Was googling testosterone replacement, blue pills, etc.. Turns out – I just needed NoFap and you do too.

In a nutshell – here are the superpowers I have gained.

 -NoFap has made sex soooo much better.  My erections are harder than I can remember and sex is just amazing.  Like I am now in virtual reality sex, as opposed to just going through the motions before.   

 -I’ve gone from 2-3 times a week sex with the wife to 5.

 -Wife is seduced and ravaged by my sex drive, hard erections, and testosterone.  She has bought 3 new lingerie sets in the last two weeks and I can just feel her presence during sex like she is inhaling my pheromones and licking the testosterone from my skin.

 -I feel like testosterone is running through my veins.  I have increased ALL of my lifts and my stamina in the gym substantially

The more I just love my wife for who she is the happier we all are. I did not really flat line per se. I definitely peaked at day 13-14 or being horny like a 15 year old boy, and it sort of tapered off. Was thinking I may be flatlining after that since my urges throughout the day definitely tapered off, however at nights with the wife, everything was firing on all cylinders. b. No comments from the wife, aside from her stuff like – “Seriously – we just did it last nighjt” . haha. c. Chaser effects. It seems less than it used to be TBH. I used to fap hard the next morning after a good sex night with the wife – like that was fun, and the memory of it wanted to make me fap first thing in the morning to some good porn right after she left for work. Now – it seems like I am more satisfied from the sex, and just think more in the line of “I’m doing that again soon with the wife!”

I wish I had learned about this soo many years ago. I’d say do this for your SO or future ones as much as for yourself, because it is effecting my wife as much ore more as it is myself. I know she feels sexier, more aroused, more willing to be the center of my desire. You youngins learning this now will be in for a lifetime of better sex, a happier partner, a better physique, and better overall well being. If I can kick this – so can you. Good luck boys!

Imagine your generations kids who will grow up on VR porn – the horrors that will come from that

LINK – Old married guy (46) 30 day report

By UrbanPharmer