Age 46 – Rebooted while having sex with wife

46 year old healthy male. Been PMOing for many, many years. One month ago began total abstention from all PMO.

He has a wife, but they have had hardly any sex for years and occasional attempts at it (actually RARE attempts) he experienced symptoms of PIED.

However, in last 30 days, he has been having regular sex with wife. There was PIED at first but it has gotten progressively better and is now not a factor at all.

So, this guy has abstained 100% from pornography. No PMO, but a good number when it comes to the “O”.

He reports that he feels great. Still deals with urges, thoughts, but reports that they are under control. He reports many of the improvements talked about in these many posts in this forum, and now looks back on a horrible time with many of the symptoms of his addiction (fog, constant thoughts and use of porn, tiotally unhealthy outlook, etc)

Again, zero PMO in the last month. No porn use whatsoever, no masturbation whatsoever, but has returned to regular sex with wife.

So… is this man having a “reboot”? He feels he is.

I have heard that a proper reboot would mean basically being 100% celibate with zero PMO for an extended period of time. That’s not happening with this man, but many, many great changes have occurred or him.

LINK – Would you say this man is in the process of a “reboot”?

by TalkinAboutAguyIknow