Age 47 – I grappled with ED for years. A wonder my wife stayed. Erections are now as strong as I can remember

I grappled with ED for years. Years. I was rarely able to get a sufficient erection to have sex with my wife. It is a wonder she stayed with me. This absolutely works if you let it. Take it from me.

120 days ago, I quit PMO cold. Now, my erections are as strong as I can ever remember them being, and we have had great sex — with no ED issues at all — three times in a row.

The last time (a few nights ago), I was fully erect from the minute we started kissing and stayed hard without any direct stimulation throughout foreplay. It was fantastic.

LINK – Believe it. It works.

BY – The Eleven


INITIAL POST – PIED vs. Performance Anxiety – Is This the Right Place?

I’m new here, and this is my story:

I’ll be 47 this year. I’ve definitely viewed a lot of P in my time, and it has gotten progressively harder core/more exotic over time. I only have M’d to P on occasion, though. More often I would just edge. Then later I would M, either to memories of the P images or to my own fantasies. I M’d a lot, but again not compulsively. At its worst it probably was 3-4 times/week. Before I went cold turkey a few weeks ago, I had cut it down to 1 time/week (occasionally 2). I almost never had a problem getting hard while looking at P or while M. But I can almost never get/stay hard while with my wife. She’s a beautiful woman and I’m sexually attracted to her, but more often than not I can’t get it up with her.

So, my question is whether this is PIED resulting from my years of P and MO or performance anxiety due to my repeated failures? Or is it both? And does the answer to that question determine whether I’m in the right place to deal with the issue?

Looking forward to your input.