Age 49 – Delayed Ejaculation: I’ve climaxed on two occasions, the first time in a few years


By tapering way down, my DE has gotten a lot better. With one of my girlfriends, I’ve climaxed on two occasions, the first time in a few years. I’d be doing so more frequently, except this is pretty much a long distance relationship and we only get to see each other every month or two.

The last several months, I’ve had my ups and downs and haven’t been completely perfect about this. I’m wondering if the only way to  really get it right is by banishing all impure thoughts from my mind or something.

My thoughts are that edging is one of the most damaging things. It basically trains you to never get off. The other most damaging thing is the death grip, because of the desensitization. My main girlfriend likes to death grip me to finish me off (which I’ve discussed), but I try not to stretch it out at least.

My final thoughts are that it’s kind of morbid and pathetic to beat the bishop for hours on end in front of a computer. Still, that’s what I used to do, often to fight boredom. This aspect of it I’ve come to see as a bad habit. Instead, you can play video games as your go-to thing whenever you get bored. It’s still a waste of time, but blasting aliens is not immoral and you don’t feel so quite bad about it. Better yet, find a real girlfriend.

Other than that, I’ve cut way down on caffeine; withdrawal is a bitch, but I’m pretty much through it. I started a diet a couple days ago. If I can get rid of 40 pounds by mid-April, that will be freaking awesome.

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by Sir Cranksalot