Age 50+ – ED so bad drugs wouldn’t work. Recovery was so quick.


I arrive to NoFap because it was not working. At all. Yup, full blown ED which I realized after 18 months of trying everything it was PIED. It was so bad that ED drugs didn’t work at all! In March 2015 I found myself naked in bed with a new drop-dead gorgeous and young girlfriend, ED drugs in me and…. NOTHING. FML.

Once I quit Porn it didn’t take long to notice BIG improvements, today after barely a month things are better than they have ever been for as long as I can remember.

It was so bad. Recovery was so quick.

When I was doing Porn/PMO I didn’t think I had a problem, I felt OK about it, I used as a surrogate for Sex when sex was not available, and when sex was available… I was hooked and I also used Porn. How stupid I was.

Porn is a drug. Pure and simple.

NoFap gave me a new lease in life.

I am older than the average Redditor at 50+, yeah I know.

TL;DR: I agree.

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By – ed_and_food


soul crushing is right.

This personal experience, so very personal I do ponder about Porn quite a bit, on one hand I am a strong believer in the First Amendment, on the other hand Porn is a drug that crushes souls and ruins lives and relationships to a degree that, unless one experiences first hand, nobody can fathom.

And then there are the ones who are addicted and never realize it, we, the NoFappers are the lucky ones, with our PIED and all

So should Porn be banned? I don’t believe so, banning drugs brings them to lower and lower levels feeding illicit markets. Regulate it? Sounds like a joke, can you imagine our politicians passing a piece of legislation regulating porn? That’s a commedy show in the making.

I think awareness is the answer. The NoFap community is doing a good job, that’s why you and I are here, and recovering. Let’s all talk more, at least online. The more we talk the more the message is amplified.