Age 53 – Married, ED symptoms since my late 30s: My life/manhood is back!

I watched the 55 minute video and saw my life being described. 53 yrs old. ED symptoms since my late 30s. I am married to a sexy, beautiful woman. I could not perform unless my hand was on my shaft. I had to imagine my wife in a room full of men to stay erect.

Wondered if I would be able to perform. Faked sleep. Could only perform somewhat while in the up push-up position with my wife twisting my nipples and me imagining her w/other men. Would lose my erection.

Made an appt with a urologist to ask for a penis implant. Then saw the video! My life/manhood is back! Already. I only see my even more beautiful wife when I make love. Positions are back–doggie/shower.

To ensure I stay on the path, I downloaded and installed software that emails her with all my keystrokes/website visited, locked her laptop, locked my iphone with her password, and locked the TVs.

I will never go back. I have my manhood back and it is not for sale. I have instructed my 20 something yr old sons to watch the video, my nephews, workmates, and friends. This is something we all thought would not hurt anyone. How wrong could we be!

Thanks guys for sharing. I wanted to share as well. This works.

Day 37–I cannot thank all of you on this site!

LINK – Got My Manhood Back

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