Age 64 – PIED: I’m much more alive and very grateful

20 years ago, I was unmarried and living with my hot future 2nd wife; I had it made; things couldn’t have been better. We married a year later, and surprisingly, things got even better. I only learned recently that I was operating at ~40% emotionally back then due to fapping. Years later, PIED started to happen, though I didn’t know it as such.

Toward the end of my fapping era, PIED had become really bad.

Since stopping, I have to say that the improvement in our relationship is tremendous; akin to getting married. It’s not just that I’m hard…there are more tangles to entangle; formerly off-limit topics are now not. There’s more freedom; more playfulness and boldness. Days are individually and collectively much more exciting than 89 days ago. I sense and act on new personal and career potential, though I’m 64 years old.

It was a huge gift stumbling on the concept of nofap and stumbling on this community. I was hooked even before I created my nofap userid; I haven’t relapsed and don’t expect to. Whatever “emotional percent” I’m at now, the number doesn’t matter because each day I have fresh perspectives and enhanced self-awareness. I’m much more alive and very grateful.

Thank you, Everyone. It’s great being here.

LINK – Day 90’s Eve – from a 64 Year Old

by NoFap1950


UPDATE – 18 Month Report from a 65-year-old

In December of 2014, I happened upon this sub, probably while I was seeking a thrill. I had no desire or intention to stop PMO at that moment. I also had no idea that I’d M’d for the last time that morning. Within an hour, I came to understand that I had a choice to either:

1) keep on wasting my time and energy and fostering damaging notions about the relationship of people to one another,


2) try something hard and painful and see if my life could become more real, essential, and have a much bigger positive impact.

Choosing was the easy part. I’d come to hate being automatic, shallow, and “safe.” My habits had taken a physical toll also.

Weeks 2 thru 4 were the hardest, but quitting was probably easier for me than most here because of my age. I read and posted a lot on this sub for about 9 months.

Almost every interaction I have now is more transparent, honest, and spontaneous. Hiding a huge secret had made me a hypocrite, and I hated that. I’m happy now. I’m bolder and take risks to make my relationships deeper.

Thanks to you…and as always, Peace.

by NoFap1950