Age late 20s – Feeling “fresh,” less anxiety, so much more drive and discipline


I’m in my late 20’s and was fapping for as long as I can remember. My nofap journey began after I felt PMO is just chasing after something that’s not there and becoming dependent on it. It’s a no-effort source of pleasure that does so much harm to your physical (PIED!) and emotional well-being (“This is too difficult and boring, I should just masturbate”).

I’m on day 28 and now I realize how bad it was after I started becoming aware of the symptoms and triggers. You know something’s wrong when at one moment you see the evidence that PMO addiction is real and bad for you yet some time later you’re completely bombarded with thoughts like “Is everything working down there?” , “Everyone does it, It’s natural” – There’s nothing natural about mindlessly looking at porn stars on a screen and masturbating.

It’s a struggle indeed, and when everything, your body, even your mind is against you but you persevere and stick to your commitments and don’t give in … Fuck, it feels great. Makes you feel like a winner and it’s something to look back and be proud of, instead of cowering in shame and regret. When it comes to PMO, the winning move in any situation, no matter how you feel, no matter what you think, is to never give in, ever.

And coming here and reading all your stories and comments was one of the biggest encouragements I had to keep me going. You guys are awesome.

Now on to the benefits.

More confidence, less anxiety, so much more drive and discipline. I’ve done so much in the past 2 weeks it’s incredible. It’s like I’m supercharged or something. I’ve been working out in the gym, and my eyes and face have literally lit up. Everyone (men and women) are saying things like “Have you become taller?” , “You look very fresh these days”, “Did you change the way you walk?”.

The benefits go on and on, for example I’m so much more confident and comfortable around women I find attractive these days and it’s like the feeling is mutual. But you know what? I’m doing this with no expectations. As long as I can keep marking the dates in the calendar and finally break free of this self-destructive habit, I’ll be the happiest man in the world. Anything else is a bonus.

LINK – 4 weeks of self-control I never exercised before. People are saying I look ‘Fresh’ !

by cantchangeits