Although I never was addicted but it’s nice to be around hot women and not having other thoughts

I took the nofap challenge and completed 90 days, I did notice me not trying to get sexually stimulated after 50+ days, I was focused to what I had to do .I didn’t used any filters, and can say I didn’t intentionally looked for porn over internet, not even pics, not that I remember. I even noticed no emissions, during first month two, and then after 80+ nothing. I feel good after completing this, I think I can go for 100 but not sure what after that. Maybe the next time I get alone and have the urge I’ll do it.

The journey has ended for me, but I’ll still continue it if I find it’s good for my hairs.

Not choosing to masturbate my time away saved a lot of time which was put in more constructive works. If you continue NoFap one guaranteed benefit is time, let alone other things. Maybe I’ll come back to it again after sometime….and to all the guys who are contributing to this site, you are doing great work

Although I never was addicted but it was nice to be around hot women and not having other thoughts, this habit I would like to continue in most cases.

LINK – Completed 90 days

by WarriorOfStrong