Amazing how can you walk around and notice beautiful things in all girls

I tried multiple times to stop looking at porn. I would go one week without it and then just fap “one last time” since it would not do any harm. The funny part is the period i had a girlfriend was when i was looking at porn the most.

After my multiple failed attempts i realised that NoFap is all about brain power.

Do you really want to stop looking at porn? Then don’t do it. You just don’t do it. That’s it. Don’t waste your time downloading programs or browser extensions to block porn websites because you know it’s easy to uninstall or bypass them.

What made me stop doing it this time? I didn’t do anything different. I’ve been single since i started and just recently hooked up with someone since i stopped doing it. The only difference was that i really wanted to stop. Whenever the thoughts of looking at porn came to my head i would ask myself:

  • Is this what i really want?
  • Will this add something good to my life? Something i’d like to remember?
  • Is this something i would feel proud of sharing with my future GF/wife?
  • Is wasting 10-15 minutes of looking at two actors and a girl with most likely a fake body really worth my time? This is not even real sex, porn is just a performance.

Was it hard at the beginning? YES! You’re going to get thoughts of doing it all the time.

“C’mon.. i’ve been without it 15 days, if i start doing it once every 15 days that’s a huge improvement! eventually i’ll stop doing it completely”. Whenever you get this type of thoughts just ask yourself is that is what you really want.

Is that what you really want? Then go ahead and do it. No one will stop you. Let’s see how do you feel after those “glorious” minutes of porn.

After a couple days, this thoughts start coming to your head less often. But you know what is the best part? For me, it’s not all the boners you get (you really do get a lot and they last way longer). For me it’s the simple fact that you start noticing. It’s amazing how can you walk around and notice beautiful things in all the girls you see out there. Before all i could think of was that i had to marry a girl with a porn star body.

I still have a bunch of things i need to work on to become the version of myself i want to be, but feeling like i’m able to strike looking at porn from that list feels absolutely amazing.

LINK – 100+ days of NoFap. It’s all about brain power. 

by xstrikez