An Interesting Conversation With My Sister’s Boyfriend: He’s been doing NoFap for 5 years.


My sister’s boyfriend is a great guy. As a twenty-something, he’s working a well-paying job in the STEM field, lives independent of his parents, has a whole list of interesting hobbies, is very physically fit, and exudes confidence. However, despite not even having my Bachelor’s degree, I am none of those things. Some of that is to be expected, such as having a well-paying job or living independent from my parents as an undergraduate student, but I’m not confident.

I’m not really that physically fit, even though my appearance could pass for “healthy”, and my hobbies include watching Youtube videos. Oh, and I don’t have a girlfriend, either.

I got into a private conversation with him about how he was able to really balance everything he has on his plate, and we got into a rather personal conversation. By this point, we know each other very well, and I’m pretty sure he’s going to propose to my sister soon, so it wasn’t an awkward conversation.

Guess who did NoFap? He did. He started when he was 22, coming out of college. He’s 27, now, and all of these developments in his life are relatively recent. He literally came out and told me that for him, giving up porn was the best thing he ever did. He didn’t even appear embarrassed at all about telling me these things; again, confidence.

Let me reiterate: I’m very protective of my sister, and I am totally comfortable with this guy being her boyfriend. He’s an awesome guy.

This NoFap stuff really is no joke. Prior to that conversation, I was struggling back and forth between streaks and totally binging on PMO for days, but seeing where my sister’s BF ended up and the awesome girl that he is in a relationship with, now, I feel a new surge of motivation. I have YET to meet a former porn-addict who stuck with NoFap who didn’t revolutionize his/her life.

LINK  – An Interesting Conversation With My Sister’s Boyfriend

by Rennault