Better sex, and with emotional connection as well


First and foremost, NOFAP WORKS!!!!! It radically changed my entire life in every way. If you are truly addicted and stop cold turkey, but you say it doesn’t help you, then you are either lying, masking your addiction with something else like video games and drugs, or have deeper psyche issues that you need to work through.

PMO is both a cyclical problem as well as the manifestation of a deeper problem. I found that my deeper problem is a poor sense of identity. I feared so many things in life, especially talking to people in social situations. I am a very agreeable and “objective” person that tries not to polarize people out of fear of rejection. Nofap made me come face to face with this reality. Either I suffer at the hand of my cowardice, or I conquer. There is no masking it with artificially induced chemical baths that allow me to continue life numbed out of my skull.

I would venture to say that most people who are addicted to PMO have a poor self-identity. When we are getting off to another guy banging a girl, we are using our fantastical imaginations to pretend that it is us banging that girl. We are not only placing the pussy on a pedestal. We are placing this man who we are not on a pedestal. This man is becomes our fantasized identity. Then we go into the real world, meet women, and realize how untrue this is. The identity breaks down, and we are reduced to a puddle of confusion and unfulfilled expectation. It is something that is terribly frustrating and cruel to our psyche.

The benefits of Nofap for me are as follows:

  • More energy, confidence, and concentration
  • More attractive to both men and women
  • Better sex, and with emotional connection as well
  • Better in social situations
  • I am bolder and care less what people think

Things that helped me:

  • Allowing myself to suffer and trying to listen to my emotions
  • Finding power in something greater than myself (God)
  • Reading good books and some self-help books
  • Staying busy with either work or being social

Really though, I think for most people it will come down to a life-altering moment as to whether you will really break the habit or not. You must grasp a grand idea, an idea that will be worthy of sacrificing all the pleasure of PMO for. It will be like a vision, albeit a very foggy one at first. But I also think the harder you try, the faster you will get to this moment.

Once again, I would like to thank this community for what it has done for me. I don’t think I would have ever broken the cycle if it wasn’t for many of the inspiring posts here. I keep the “If I quit now I will soon be back to where I started” picture as my phone background and have now for a while. I think it subliminally helps. And good luck guys. Time now to make it to day 365. See you there 😉

You can read my ten day report and 30 day report here and here. I still stand by everything I said in these two posts. I was going to make a sixty day report, but I really haven’t been focusing on Nofap anymore. It is basically a non-issue for me at this point. But anyways, I would still like to give a little something back for this community that really helped me out.

LINK  – 90 Day Report

By tiegizzle