Better sex life, I can easily talk to people I don’t know, better temper


I’m just here to say that almost all of the ways to help stop on this subreddit are true, so I am not going to go into detail on how to do it, I am going to say why. For me it was simple. I have an amazing girlfriend and we have been together for a year and a half.

A few months through our relationship I decided I really only wanted to rely on her for sexual pleasure, and she was all for it. This may be a petty way to start but that was mine.

In reality though it doesn’t matter why you start, it matters that you did. Whatever reason that you started use it to keep going, because you will be amazed at what this does for you, I sure was. It is the honestly one of the best things I have done not only to benefit myself, but my relationships, friendships, and almost everything. Here is what I benefitted from it:

1) I have 30min-1hr more time on my hands during the day to do something productive. (Exercise, hobbies, meditation, reading, etc)

2) Like most of the posts relating to how it changes with you emotionally, they are 100% right. I can say firsthand that I don’t get angry as often over the little things, but my girlfriend and friends say that I am a lot more [sensible] about important things. For example if my girlfriend and I get into a fight we don’t have to raise our voices and explode on each other, something that I would have a hard time doing before no-PMO.

3) I learned to appreciate sex more. While PMO, it was all about my personal pleasure. Off of it, I was more focused on getting my partner off then worrying about myself, which in turn led to a much better sex life.

4) I am a lot more open with people that I don’t know. I don’t know if this has completely to do with no-PMO but I have read that this has happened and it happened to me. I am able to strike up a conversation with almost anyone, I believe no-PMO let me to a major self-confidence boost and influenced my ability to act socially around people. Why? Because I learned that by being able to control this aspect of my life, I was able to take control of other, and keep improving beyond just not jerking it.

To sum it all up I hope if you read this it just encourages you to keep to your promise to yourself (or whoever) of no-PMO. Seriously not kidding it really works and I hope it does the same wonders it did for me for you as well.

LINK – PMO free since July of last year. Celebrating a year without a relapse! What I found from following no-PMO

By CrankinShaftsRower