Better sleep, more resilient, at peace with my past, aspirations for my future


Today is my 90th day of nofap. What a helluva ride. I hit rock bottom in may this year when I last relapsed after a huge binge drinking weekend. Then I decided I was tired of feeling like shit all the time and not living up to my potential. It hasn’t been hardmode (had a gf for 84 days) and we had sex usually once a week.

But we’ve since broken up due to incompatibilities. However, due to nofap and much self improvement I honestly was not sad. But instead, have accepted it and moved on:

So let’s get to the benefits:

1) mind is resilient as fuck — I used to get pissed and anxiety when my upstairs neighbor would walk around and make noise when I was trying to sleep. I now don’t even notice his presence these days and sleep like a baby.

2) Extremely focused on the future I want — before nofap, I thought I’d be stuck in a deadend Job and mediocre relationship. I thought I was destined for those. But now after concurring this addiction, I’ve dreamed extraordinary dreams. I’ve not limited myself to my usual norms and instead believe now that anything is possible.

3) so at peace with myself — I realized I had huge baggage from the past and painful memories that were still subconsciously motivating my beliefs that were not healthy and kept me stuck in the addiction cycle. I’ve now seen those prior beliefs as absolute bullshit and wave those thoughts good bye as they slowly start to exit my daily thinking pattern.

4) do what’s best for me — I have a bowel disease that has always reacted negatively to hard alcohol. During these past 90 days, I’ve no longer allowed peer pressure from others about pounding shots and shot gunning beers affect me. Some will even say “come on pussy”. And I’ll firmly respond “nope, I have more way to lose than you because of my disease”. And now, I’ve found that because I’ve stuck to my guns multiple times, they’ve accepted that I’m just going to sip beers and they can have all the shit-faced fun they want around me. Everybody wins.

In closing, please allow yourself to make it to this point. You owe it to yourself to become your best version, and quite honestly, I believe you were made to be your best version for others. I went from being a coddled, co-dependent; to a reliable friend, son, brother, and co-worker. And I’ll never go back again.

Be unstoppable guys.

One love.

LINK – 90 days

By Carbaco40