Big benefits just from cutting back

I won’t write something long and inspirational. I don’t have anything mind blowing to share with this community yet. But hey!

For the past three months I’ve been relapsing once per week and if someone thinks that if you relapse once and it’s all over, you have to begin from zero, you are wrong 😉

Benefits are here: I’m smiling all the time, feeling a great confidence boost, talking with strangers(tourists, girls, old people, dudes… everybody!). Also, somehow I manage to do something productive each day.

I no longer sit at the computer all day. I read books, garden, hiking in the forest, eating healthier, doing workout. Strange, but since I began workout, I have interestingly began to view myself as a more attractive person, because I already see changes on my body and I’ve been doing this for only one and a half month. At my room! Only with one 10kg dumbbell and a nice yoga mat.

So yeah, everybody, if you’re a fapstronaut like me – keep calm and do something that requires as little as only 1% of your energy reserve and YOU WILL ROCK. Invest as little as only 5% of your daily energy reserve to do something meaningful and YOU WILL ROCK YOUR F***ING SOCKS OFF. Invest more than 10% of your energy reserve and who knows… Maybe you’re going to be the next Bill gates, LeBron James, Elon Musk or whatever. Good vibes & nice emotions will hit you. Just Do Something!

P.s. English isn’t my mother tongue and I’m physically and emotionally tired (in a good way) so sorry about the mistakes 🙂


I’m just couple days in an ongoing streak and this is the first time in my nofap journey when flatline has kicked in. I guess I’m healing, I guess you’re healing, OP. I believe this is a critical point, when our brains on purpose feels depressed so that we would relapse. It says “I know you are feeling depressed. Go on… Open up that favorite porn site of yours. Just let it out and you’ll feel better”. False! We’ve all been here, we actually know what will happen if we would relapse. We would regret it the very moment after relapse. But what we will say to brain’s way of saying you’re depressed? What are we going to say for craving for PMO? NOT TODAY! We’ll jump to a cold shower and survive this day. If flatline continues tomorrow, we will survive tomorrow. And the day after tomorrow. As long as it takes… We will survive this f****** flatline!

LINK – Feeling good, smiling all the time

by ne2rnas