Big improvement in my life, but….

Hello champs! tl;dr: I trying nofap (almost 1 year clear) but suddenly fail, Want to inform this is very strong addiction.

Forgive my English, but I’m still learning. Self diagnosed that I’m addicted to pr0n and fap a lot. I decided to fight with it. After done a lot of research via reddit, yourbrainon…, other sites. Spends a lot of time to analyze tips I started my journey. It was very hard, my firsts attempts like watching pr0n without fapping, but very often fail. September last year I decide to definitely stop it, I was strong motivated, I believed that was a big improvement in my life. What I decided?

  • No pr0n
  • No fap
  • Not using NoFap community – when you fighting and visiting this pages, somewhere in background you still refreshing your brain addicted path

Am I blocking access to pr0n? No, I’m fighting for myself.

Everything was great! Benefits? Generally I’m energetic person, keen to socializing and learning new things, but additionally I received a lot of power. I started to self improve; working out, develop creativity, discover social skills, reduce procrastination, getting a lot of things done! My mind are clear, I can easy to focus, sometimes experience the flow state. Some days I could seat all day and reading self improvement articles, another day wake up early to not waste day and try a lot of activities. My 10 month fight was perfect.

Suddenly last month I failed (browsing reddit, few clicks, nsfw sub and you know whats later 🙁 ). I think OK, after a very long time, it can’t be harmful, this was my self excuse. Week later the same story, few days later again… so the tendency is very dangerous. Why I failed? Maybe because I have more free time than usually, maybe my addiction is too strong and I downplayed it (break my rule). I am very afraid of it, so today I decided to fight again! I’ve gained a new portion of motivation, now I’m richer experienced. I know that’s my journey is very long, but I am very excited to go. Why I am writing this? Because this is very strong addiction, don’t be too hard to yourself, but always be honest with yourself, be aware of addiction and stay positive!

LINK – After long time crisis

by Helthie