Big improvements, but I still feel the lingering effects of certain symptoms

Long story, short. Quit PMO properly on the 1st January 2015, so what my counter says. Since day 200 I’ve MO twice and really haven’t felt the draw that I used to, to go back to doing it. I can say unequivocally that I am no longer addicted, I have broken the habit, which is amazing!

In myself, I have improved no end, as I used to suffer terribly with numerous debilitating symptoms, but now, I can actually function to a certain level. However, I still feel the lingering effects of certain symptoms, mainly lathery/fatigue, anxiety and generally just being out of sorts. Don’t get me wrong, these have improved so much since starting nofap, but I still feel that I’m not 100% yet, something is still missing.

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I’ve made numerous attempts at stopping fapping, P was easy to stop tbh, but twice I fell into the trap of feeling good one day and rubbing a cheeky one out and feeling back to square one the next day.
Anyway, this is my 3rd and final attempt at stopping, final because I know I won’t fail this time. Anyway, I was getting tired of hearing people commenting about how at day 40 or whatever short amount of time, they were back to normal and feeling great.

I’m currently around the 60 day mark I believe, although I don’t really keep count, because it’s a lifestyle thing now and I am feeling better, but I always find it hard to gauge ones progress because it can feel so sluggish sometimes.

LINK – Protracted Recovery?

by 09greenj