Both trying NoFap, but my friend is way more social (he was way less social than me, way less confident, etc), dates, good grades


I would just like to share my story. It all started during August 2015 I found out about Nofap, and starting dedicating myself to it. But still, I would relapse after short streaks. November 2015: I told my friend about Nofap he believed me right away. He only did 2 hours of research that night (he told me) about porn use and its cons. For the next 2 weeks he would tell me about how hard it is.

January 2016: Here I am writing this post on Day one while my friend has completed 90 days of nofap without knowing of it. I HAD to remind him lol. He is more confident, goes on dates, and is getting higher grades in school now.

So by looking at our two scenarios you can judge the successful way to nofap. Before you read my opinion you need to know few things. I will break it down between my experience and my friend’s.


  • I go on nofap daily for motivation support, and even comment on other peoples posts.
  • I do read and workout as people suggest.
  • I read success stories at least once a week.
  • I always know what day I am on.
  • Yet I am on Day 1. I coud’ve been months past Day 90.

My friend

  • Read about porn addiction and such for 2 hours to understand the science behind it.
  • Doesn’t even know what reddit is.
  • Doesn’t keep track of his days.
  • And even though I started months before him he is 3 months ahead of me in clean days.
  • Confident, way more social (he was way less social than me, way less confident, etc), dates, good grades. –
  • Currently on day 90 and going out with a girl to the movies.

My opinion: If you are anything like me quit PMO and Nofap. Constantly coming to this sub may seem like “motivation” but true motivation doesnt come from posts read on Nofap. It comes from within, the desire to change. Motivation from Nofap in my opinion is temporary and can get you to day 20 max. Constantly coming on nofap is reminding yourself that you have an addiction and will eventually lead to relapse. -So either limit your NF use, or quit NF all the way through. -Stop obsessing over days, nofap philosophies, science, success storied, relapse stories, I GOT THE GIRL stories.

My suggestion is to do as my friend – if you are new do as much research needed to convince yourself porn is your problem. – If not new at least limit nofap or quit it all together.

Stop focusing on Nofap and other people’s experience. Focus on yourself and your own experience.

Clarifications: I do not think Nofap is bad but I believe a moderate use of it is alright. But if you’re like me and spend 1 Hr+ a day on Nofap there is a problem.

LINK – The Successful way to Nofap is it nonofap.

by SoundShotz