Brain fog almost always gone, confidence way up, talking to girls easier


Well it’s been an interesting ride so far. Started edging big time in college to try and fix my premature ejaculation problems – ended up with severe brain fog, low desire to hang out with people, huge social anxiety around people I wasn’t good friends with, a minor speech impediment, PIED,

pretty big anxiety around women I liked, and the death grip that I was actually after. Fortunately, it didn’t hurt my grades very much because I’m pretty good at cramming and retaining information.

I knew something was obviously wrong because I was never like this before, but PMO being the reason never for a second crossed my mind. Society and mainstream science says it’s good after all…

I managed a few hookups after that in college because of booze and my natural good looks, but for the most part my low confidence, brain fog, and good guy mentality made me sexually repugnant to women.

During senior year and ~1 year out of college I started to notice that my brain fog would start to dissipate if I didn’t choke the chicken for a few days and would come back once I did, but that truth didn’t really set in for a while.

Enter finding NoFap, finally getting mad enough to start working hard at this, and now I feel great. Brain fog is almost always gone, confidence is way up, talking to random cute girls is getting easier, eye contact is a breeze, my voice is usually deeper, picked up a legitimately hot fwb, doing an actual workout routine and seeing great gainzzzzz, etc.

There’s a whole lot I still have to improve, and I will still get the occasional huge mental urge to PMO if I’m having a particularly bad day, but fuck that poison man. It’s not for me.

LINK – [Report] 30 days P free, 59 days M free. Feels good man.

By NattyNatty2x4