Calmer, Greater Concentration – I passed all the exams on the first try, More motivation to date girls, I have a few business ideas

First, sorry for my English (I come from a distant, eastern European country. I’m Polish) 😉

Here’s what gave me the “NoFap Challenge”:

  • Healthy distance from life. I’ve learned that nothing in life is permanent. Small or larger crises can always happen. Correcting a mood through masturbation is very infantile.
  • I’m alive. The present is bright 😉
  • Calm. I started to learn conscious life and appreciate what gives me the present and meditation (I recommend the prince: E. Thole “The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment”).
  • Concentration. I passed all the exams on the first try.
  • More money. Thanks to the good evaluations got a scholarship.
  • More motivation to pickup girls. Currently I meet up with a girl who seems to be interested. I don’t know how it will end, but that is not important.
  • I learned to cook. I would recommend gyro soup 😉
  • I’m trying to create positive habits.
  • I have a few business ideas; it’s time to start implementing them in practice.

Emergency button repeatedly redirected me here – thank you for all the support posts. Gentlemen, you are the best!

LINK – 94 days here!

by Arczi133