Checking in after 5 years

Wow it’s been 5 years since I blogged on about my experiences, and since then it seems like an entire subculture has sprung up around this stuff, including TED talks and various online forums. I’ve been looking at the nofap community, and it’s great to see this stuff starting to enter the mainstream consciousness in a very real way. I was talking to my brother about the nofap movement the other day, and he’s trying it himself, after going through various issues with sex and relationship. Then it occurred to me, that this is where my recovery all began. 5 years and a lot of water under the bridge, including 2 long term relationships, and many sexual encounters. My ED issues seem like a distant memory these days, and it’s this community that I have largely to thank for that. I’m actually in a relationship at the moment, and going to totally cut out masturbation again to see how it affects my relationship. I guess you could call it a full recovery.

Anyway…I hope that my story maybe inspired and helped some others out there.

Stay strong. Stay true.

LINK – Checking in After 5 Years

By cyberbob82