Confidence is through the roof, much happier, made out with a girl at a party


After on and off doing this nofap thing, I have finally hit 60 days. It has also been relatively easy, maybe because I wasn’t really addicted in the first place. Some of the benefits that I have personally experienced.

  • signed up to a gym, am eating way more, trying to pack on muscle.
  • appreciating life, everyday is a blessing
  • I’m so much more happier nowadays (not sure if placebo though)
  • Confidence is through the roof
  • Making a conscious effort to have good posture
  • Also, i’m taking ALOT more risks with women. Have potential dates coming up
  • Hooked up with a girl at a party as well, shit was so intense, felt really good

Anyways, that’s that. Also shoutout to my mate who I know will be reading this 😉

Hope yall have a good day

edit; also forgot to add, feel more of a man and don’t feel like a pussified little bitch.

LINK – Day 60 Report – Hard mode – Made out with a girl

by throwaway64mu