Countless new friends, A new job, PUA success


I can finally say I did it. Not here to brag about my accomplishments but I can say it works. There are too many things that have changed ever since I started, both positive and negative, as life tends to throw in a bit of both.

Around the 30 day area I thought I should work on PUA. Ended up getting 8 girl’s numbers within a week yet had trouble holding contact with them.

One day I was on my usual routine of getting food on college campus. Beat up from the ‘flatline’ period and ‘withdrawals’ I got my food and sat down to eat; feeling like a half empty zombie.

Nearby I saw a decent looking girl looking at me; I couldn’t decide whether to ignore it or focus on what I was planning for the day. The way I was feeling that day I said fuck it, threw away my lunch and went to pick up some dessert. Sat down in front of her and decided to use what I’ve learned from all the previous pick up attempts.

15 minutes later we’re getting wild in her dorm.

Approaching is key; whether you’re on your first week, 6th month, or, second day, approach until you fail. Try to get as many numbers within a time frame; don’t get desperate, but make it a game.

Other than partial success with women, I’ve made countless new friends, connections, a new job, started new hobbies. All of this comes with a price. I am nowhere near successful but I definitely see a change from where I was before and where I am now.

Once you get porn out of your mind there’s other things to worry about. Life’s hard, it fucking sucks, but the hard is what makes it fun. I started seeing reality more clearly and it was filled with pain; I see a lot of success stories on here an wonder, is that all there is to it? Certainly not the case for me.

What I did for the past 6 months: Reading up PUA techniques Cut out all Social Media (Back to using it): Still a waste of time, could be good for picking up chicks Starting going to the gym every single day Low fast food Actually started spending more money (particularly on clothes to improve my look): Want to look presentable More attempts in socializing, attending small club events and building my way up to events with more people and women

TLDR: Stop focusing on NoFap and porn, go out and live your life.

LINK – Success Story (120+ Days)

by unfuckyourhead