Debatable superpowers but definite improvements

I’m unsure whether superpowers from nofap exist but I’ve definitely seen marked improvements in my life since starting nofap.

Benefits include

  • Improved skin. My acne/dry skin combo has improved dramatically.
  • Deeper manlier/more alpha voice
  • Hair growth. My receding hairline seems stronger (possible placebo) but my facial hair definitely grows far quicker leaving constant stubble which definitely suits me
  • My face/cheekbones seem far more chiseled. Maybe it’s a result of higher t levels are a huge contributing factor to your make up of fat/muscle
  • Anxiety/Depression levels have dropped dramatically
  • Confidence levels have increased. I seem to be striding around with a swagger (proper posture/staring people in the eye). Girls seem to be checking me out.
  • Look of my genitals.My balls seem fuller, the tip of my penis is less red raw looking and my foreskin seems to look more normal (it looked like I was circumcised before)

All the benefits of nofap kind of came together last week when I finally met up with some girls (outer friend group) I had been intending to meet up with for ages (I finally was proactive enough to meet them). They all swarmed around me and wanted to hug me and they showered me in compliments. Furthermore they were all ranting on about how they missed me/suggested meeting up again.They would never really have been like that before.This may all be placebo but I’m pretty sure it’s due to being more alpha (due to nofap of course) /the halo effect (essentially where people are nicer to one another/warm to something quicker because of their looks)

For any of you that are finding this difficult here’s a great motivational link. Reading the benefits of nofap everyone else experienced has help inspire me.

Note; it’s very long. You could possibly break it into reading 20 pages a day

LINK – Debatable superpowers but definite improvements

by Coontyhooks1