Delayed ejaculation cured – Nofap helps and works..Period

I was having a frustrating experience due to Delayed Ejaculation. The problem was I couldn’t finish with and without condom inside her. Whenever I used condom I had even lesser sensation and sometimes I used to get soft. I think the problem occurred from my bad masturbation habits.

Then I started nofap.  I was able to do it for 17 days and then masturbated without porn. On the 8th day of my next attempt I had sex with a girl wearing condom on. I was nervous at first that I Will not be able to finish. But I kept faith and persistence. Focused on her, enjoying the moment with her and finally I did it, I was cured from delayed Ejaculation and conquered my fear.

My advice would be to have faith on the nofap process. Enjoy it and do with confidence and persistence and don’t give head to skeptics. You are almost there.. Nofap helps and works..Period

LINK – Delayed Ejaculation

BY – tanvirfahim