Delayed ejaculation gone, more relaxed, mental clarity, pleasure in the small things


This is where I stand. I broke hardmode though on day 29. I got a massage from a gorgeous young lady who gave me a HJ at the end. However, I don’t feel like I’ve failed bc I got hard as a rock from her rubbing my stomach, and didn’t have delayed ejaculation.

After she began stroking me I blasted within a minute. Previous times in the same situation I’ve struggled to even get erect, and delayed ejaculation was there.

I was in more of a flatline until the day after seeing her. The past days my libido has began to sore, but I have total control over it. I’m harnessing all of that energy for the positives that are truly coming out of this, as well as to interact with real women. I’ve had more attractive women smile at me in grocery lines, and have even had some women say hi to me friendly. I was always skeptical in reading experiences that guys get these types of reactions during nofap/hardmode, but it’s happening.

My main motivation is the fact that I feel much better. I feel more relaxed, mental clarity, and take more pleasure in the small things. My goal is to make 90 days hardmode and I feel that I have control now. I’m confident in making it there.

LINK – Day 84 of no PMO, and 34 of no MO, but broke hardmode…

By Chase_233