Delayed ejaculation healed

I’m a year past this now, have a girlfriend since I fixed this all and life’s great. The girlfriend understood everything back then and im still with her to this day. To be honest, felt like it made us 100% closer the whole no sex thing.

You gotta push through, don’t let one relapse kill you. Find distractions, mine were going to the gym, studying and even gaming. From personal experience I know hard it can be, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel, you can do this! Don’t give up.

I think the going for girls isn’t bad, it was part of my process since I was trying to get a girlfriend at the time. As long as you avoid porn and masturbaiting you should be fine, if you want to hook up with a girl avoid touching your penis and dont have any thoughts except for whats happening in the moment.


September, 2014. I cant even do it but if I did orgasm with my girlfriend wud that be fine. Scares me that I cant. Suicidal thoughts still happening. Its like i’ve lost my manhood, like the 1 job i’ve had I failed. I’ve tried cialsis 20mg and had it not budge me before. Do I tell my girlfriend? She definitely notices some things up. How do I explain this?

October 2014. I’ve definitely realized more sensation in my penis, but when will I return. It’s been 3 months no pm, occasional o with girlfriend when I work. What are yours guys erection strength % around, im sitting around 60%- 70% and its been 3 month, how is it going for the rest of u?


by RecoveryBoy