Depression and fear gone, women notice me, stronger voice, more outgoing

This no fap thing has been a journey!! So day 54 and I feel better than I ever have since I was like in middle school and I’m 20 right now. I am more articulate with my speech, I am able to listen better and I connect more with people.

I am more outgoing, I am more self assured, I don’t fear as much things as I used to. I have a stronger voice.

I don’t have much of an urge anymore to look at porn or nude women it actually kind of makes me feel sorry for those types of women. Too degrading. I also am not so lustful towards women.

It’s honestly great. I’m so happy I stopped because if I didn’t I would not have the energy that I have right now. ENERGY.

Other lifestyle changes I have made as well like cutting back on internet usage, eating healthier (not just going directly to chick fe le or other fast food places when I get hungry) I also am more interested in other areas of life like hobbies, family, doing new things etc.

My adhd like symptoms have been slowly getting better, I am not so scatter brained as I once was (one of my fav benefits) so I could classify that benefit as “less brain fog”

Women are definetly noticing me more and I kid you not, I say that 100% I think they just sense I’m different than all the other men out there who just stare and lurk around women.. Instead I am staring more into girls eyes than their bodies and if I stare at their body I am more aware of how I do it, meaning like if I do it I’m not going to be making it obvious and I’m not going to be making it long and lustful. When I see a hot girl a beautiful girl with a nice body I think wow and am actually feeling more confident just to go and speak with her, with no plan to even take her to bed or anything. I think girls sense that they know i am interested but not in just a sex way I’m actually genuinely interested getting to know them or just connecting for a little bit.

Now what I am still struggling with but I’m getting better with is not being so sensitive to how I think people are perceiving me, in other words I’m still a bit insecure about myself 😐 but I have gotten sooooo much better. I have to remind myself that “I am not perfect” so if anyone has aNy helpful words on that problem I would greatly appreciate it 🙂

I’m also transitioning into living presently and not trying to control the outcome of things. This is a big transition for me but i am so glad I am doing it. I actually feel like I am starting to live. Thanks guys for everything you have been a part of my recovery from depression fear etc.

Link – Day 53-54? Thought I would share 🙂

by Beastmodehulk