Depression and social anxiety gone; girls are smiling at me

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So here I am again with new streak but this time is real completely PMO free. (My other streaks all contain were only MO free.) So what I can say?

  • I am really happy now than I was in the Day 1 . I am not depressed anymore. I know I wasted alot of times the last two years but now I looking at the bright side
  • I can focus more than before . I can remember better . the information stay in my head for a long time . I did a big test last week and although the results are not out yet i am expecting a good score.
  • A lot of attention from the Women . I can feel it. I dont go to bars or night clubs or somethings like that . but like in the metro or in the library I saw them they are looking at me . I know I am not a handsome Person ( short and half bald) but it really give me a good feeling when I see a girl smiling at me . I didnt make any actions but maybe i will do very soon.
  • my skin is better than before and my eyes are brighter and i can hold eye contact with out any problem .
  • the social anxiety is almost gone . i still have some but they will disappear soon. i will not sweat or turn red if i talked to a pretty girl like the old days ( it was really awful I looked like a perv with all that sweat shit in my face )
  • Now I really know what I want in Life . I will chase my dream I will study my ass this year until I get a good paid job . and I am gonna marry this year I think . I know a girl she is like a friend of mine last time I saw her was in my day 7. next week we gonna meet and I will see if she can feel the improvements.

I want to say guy stick to it with out Porn. the first 30 days gonna be shit . but you can pass it . just stay busy. you know I had a test and I should study for it so thats mean stay in house for the whole time . what I did is deleting the WIFI passwod in my laptop so I cant go online anymore inside the house and I forced my self to go every day to the library from 8 Am to 11 Pm . I used to come to the house only for sleep . so I didnt have any chance to thinking about porn bcz i was all the time surrounded by people in the library. i did this for 30 days but now inside the house i have a control over my self . I can not trust my self 100 % but its really better than before cuz my mind is deleting the porn shit from my head.

LINK – 45 days in the middle of the road

by aj112