Depression disappeared…and then I started using again


I engaged into NoFap in october. I have been trying since september but I just couldn’t do it. Then I found this site and by reading about all of your stories I earned the determintation to do it. Stayed clean for around 80 days (didn’t even count them). Superpowers and stuff: yeah it worked. The most amazing fact is how much my self-awareness improved: I could track every feeling and thought to the origin.

As a result the absurd and unfounded depression I was going through just disappeared. I even met a new girl I really liked. Then relapsed again just because I broke up with that girl I was meeting and I was feeling kinda down. I know, it’s just stupid.

But the thing is: I didn’t feel down. The day after breaking up I was feeling okay, just a little nostalgic. AFTER I PMO the depression struck. After a few weeks I realized this and so tried to start over again… but I failed three times.

Then I remember about this subreddit and got here to read again. Now I have been 3 days clean (record since the last 80 days streak) and I know I will make it. It is the same feeling I had in october: I just know I can’t be stopped right now. The thing is how much this place helped me. It’s like an inyection of determination.

So… maybe it’s nothing special. Just an average story of NoFap reddit. But the conclusion is clear and inescapable: NoFap works. If you abandon NoFap, you will fall again. Remember how you were before this and realize how stupid it is to become that again. And if you still think you can’t do it don’t forget that there is an awesome place full of awesome people eager to help you.

LINK – This sub really works: My story.

By puylanitar