Depression down, Boners up, I feel like a 13-yr old boy looking at women again

It has been the most productive two months I’ve had in a few years. I wouldn’t say I’m more confident but, I’m just more in control. I handle my emotions and set backs a lot better.

The first month I felt really emotional, I think this was withdrawal. My brain isn’t getting hit with fapping dopamine everyday and I feel like it’s well on its way to recovery.

It has been 68 days but I’ve been too busy to make an update. I had a month long streak before this.

Depression has decreased, but I have also changed my lifestyle. I eat healthier, take vitamins, exercise, meditate and I try to socialise more. All changes have had a big impact on my life.

I get morning wood 3 times a week on average. I’ve had flatlines and days where I’m intensely horny, but they all passed.

last thing, my view on women… I’m still seeing women very sexually because I’m horny a lot of the time. But I’m much more sensitive to anything sexualized.

Before this, I could look at girls in tights, wearing crop tops, in short summer dresses and not feel a little bit aroused. my brain was over exposed to only registering nakedness as being sexy. Now, everywhere I look even just a part of a girls cleavage, I can feel a tickle in my pants… it’s like I’m a 13 yr old boy again…

as much as I want to respect women and see that they’re just regular people as well (like a lot of people on this board who experience this change), I’m just not there yet. I’m still thinking with my dick.

TL;DR depression down, boners up, I feel like a 13 yr old boy looking at women again.

LINK – 60 day update: Woah…

by fapregrets