ED and Delayed Ejaculation – Slow recovery over 1.5 years: Here is what worked for me.

I’ve been on NoFap for 1.5 years now. Started back in college when I had no idea how damaging porn was to my brain but I struggled to maintain wood during sex and could barely feel or care for blow jobs due to death grip . I’ve seen a lot of posts on here from guys questioning the “super powers” so I wanted to share my honest experience.

My longest streak: 45 days Worst binge: 7 days of constant fapping Average fap schedule: once a week

Here is what worked for me. I tried hard mode which was a neat experience. After 45 days I ended up sleeping over with a beautiful girl who I tried to fuck but could not finish or maintain wood. The morning after I experienced the worst blue balls of my life and was in serious pain. Warning to those trying hard mode: your first fap afterward might be rough if you don’t finish normally.

This deflated my confidence in NoFap but I decided to continue and slowly try to cut out porn. I cut out all desktop porn and used strict discipline to stop myself from fantasizing at night. I still occasionally looked at porn on my phone but felt guilty doing so and then purposely remembered that feeling any time I wanted to consider porn. This helped a lot.

My next steps were to not fap without a condom on. This helped me ease off the death grip and if I couldn’t finish with a condom on, I wasn’t horny enough. This small extra step is enough to sometimes make you not want to fap anyways. I continued fapping once a week or so, sometimes longer sometimes shorter but only when I was horny and not to porn or fantasy in my mind. Pure physical. It is a difficult challenge I pose to you all. But the orgasms feel amazing compared to fapping to porn and fucked up shit.

My final stage of recovery was purchasing a fleshlight. This simulates a pussy really well and was great to relieve death grip. Last but not least: kegals and penile stretching. Easy to do just Google it. I noticed stronger harder erections after kegals.

My whole recovery process took a long time. About 1.5 years and counting but I am proud to say that last week for the first time in my life, I was able to shoot from a blow job by a beautiful girl. This was one of the biggest accomplishments I’ve ever felt. Being able to respect a girls willingness to sick your dick and feel immense pleasure.

This is what super powers are.

LINK – First BJ to finish. Slow recovery over 1.5 years for those that just can’t do 90 days.

by i64