ED cured after 9 months, anxiety way better now

I was about to lose my virginity for the first time really early in this year. She started giving me head and I went down. We proceeded to try to have sex 4-5 times and every time it would go down after just a few second of penetration.

I have never felt so horrible in my entire life. That relationship was completely destroyed by it.

I ended up before starting my next relationship used a PDE5 inhbitor 20mg of sildenafil x3 (viagra is sildenafil 50mg) for the first few times we had sex, then I progressively went down to 2 and then 1 and now I haven’t used it the last 100 times or so we have had sex. You will see a very slow transition from a sexual desire for internet porn to just humans after a very long (month or two) period. The most important thing is to have a partner that will work with you and that is understanding that sometimes you WILL go down during sex

I had the worst anxiety I have ever experienced in my life for the first 3 months. It started finally going away after about 4-5months in. Persistence is key, it will be extremely rough. By the time I had met my current girlfriend I had gone from extreme anxiety to very relaxed and confident. I had originally tried just about every anxiety med before deciding that it was just best to try to work through it on my own willpower (plus most anxiety meds cause ED which makes it even worse).

Cutting triggers was my first priority, as with all addiction the first and most important thing is to completely eliminate any trigger you can. I had quit tobacco products after 4 years of use around 5 years ago so I completely knew what to expect. There will be the initial anxiety, the strong urges, but I understood the best way to quit was cold turkey.

So to answer you question. Dealing with sites with NSFW material, either use a filter or no longer visit that site cut it completely. Even things like the chive, gentleman boners I would consider to be cheating.

Relapsing: I have had the strong urges and the most important thing to prevent relapsing is to recognize the behavior. When I have those strong urges it just reminds me that I have an ADDICTION and I no longer want to ever feel those urges again. So I negatively associate it with what it wants me to do. Identify, rationalize and eliminate is the best way to deal with this.

I fortunately did not relapse, I have never wanted to do something so much in my entire life though, and if you have porn induced ED like I had every time you fail to have sex you will want to.

Just understand if you do you lose all your progress the urges will become WORSE, I learned this through tobacco use.

LINK – 9 months nofap here to give any advice tips, dealt with it all from porn induced ED into full recovery

by 9mothrowaway