ED cured – Far more sensitive & feel more sensations. Deeper voice. Girlfriend happy.

My reasons for doing NoFap:

  • ED with partner
  • Addictive personality/Addiction to PMO
  • Improve self control
  • Increase enjoyment of other activities

My rules:

  • No porn
  • No masturbation

Observed effects:

  • No more ED with partner. It’s incredibly easy for me to get hard now and I am also far more sensitive and feel more sensations.
  • Deeper voice. I have noticed I feel more grounded and speak from a more confident viewpoint now that I don’t PMO.
  • Girlfriend is happy, I am being open with her about NoFap and she is very supportive.
  • I am more motivated in my work outs. I recently got my blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and I have been more motivated with my lifting.

That’s it for now. Just a quick post about me hitting 50 days today. My longest streak so far was about 95 days. So I’m working on getting back up to that.

LINK – 50 Day Report

by Trascend