ED cured – I would have never thought I would ever have sex again

I had been waiting to enter something in here until I had some success to report. I failed with ed a couple of times during the process but managed to keep going despite that. I finally got past 6 months and decided to try to see if I could see any progress.

I met someone and first time success. It was not a long time but had no issues with being hard enough to penetrate and finish. I have succeeded about 10 times with two lost it or just did not achieve erection.

I think the cause of both of these was just trying to perform because I thought I should. So, I tried just having sex when I was in the mood and not trying to make something happen. I focused and not letting it affect me and just let it go without a talk or discussion. I treated it like it was no big deal. After that it was very successful. I am lasting longer and there is much less stress about performance since I am focusing on just enjoying myself at this point without getting hung up about pleasing my partner at this point. I think that little jedi mind trick is the key to performance anxiety for me now. It is for me and if I don’t manage to get satisfaction then so what. Takes the possibility of her judging me for it out of the equation. I also think since I did not make it any sort of a big deal she just sort of shrugged it off also.

Then of course since I had a track record of successful intercourse things are just progressing. Also, without the stimulus of masturbation I found that if I told her to be more gentle during oral sex it was just much more successful. Too rough seems to just make it difficult to get an erection. Gentler and less pressure and not thinking about it and boom, success.

Also, bad porn habit over many years along with cryosurgery for prostate cancer which is what I thought at first was the issue. It was to some extent but it was obviously really the porn based on my recent success.

So, keep the faith. No testing during this six-month period and just letting nature take its course worked for me. You just cannot give a shit about what anyone including yourself thinks about you whether you on any particular occasion can achieve an erection.

Proof again that this is what works. I would have never thought I would ever have sex again but bingo back in the saddle again.

A truly amazing feeling to be fucking again. Amazing. So, my commitment is to not masturbate or use porn ever again out of respect for that amazing feeling coming back to me.

LINK – Success – Repeatedly

BY – ninpo99