ED cured – My confidence has sky rocketed, Can hold conversations & eye contact a lot better

 I started off with just quitting porn and I allowed myself to masturbate once in awhile but after a few months I wasn’t really noticing many changes and I hadn’t experience the “flatline” yet in that period.

So I decided to go on Hard mode around the beginning of september. What do you know I hit flatline a week into that and that lasted for 2-3 weeks.

Once i got out of the flatline the urges were unreal.. Like morning wood and boners throughout the day constantly. It was a shock for my body and a week later (about a month on hard mode) I broke and relapsed to pics on twitter and instagram. Then the day after that I binged on porn like 4 times smh. The next few days I felt like absolute shit.

So now around the start of October I started a new streak. Right away i deleted my instagram and twitter. Now I could just focus on working out, my job trading forex, and have nothing there to trigger me. So sticking to this schedule and not fantasizing, just focusing my energy on different activities like playing my guitar, video games, hanging with friends, working out, reading, i quickly went into flatline 4 days in and this lasted for 2 weeks. Once I got out of flatline I felt great. Libido was coming back but this time it felt a lot different. Like getting boners without even touching myself.

It was just a relief and amazing feeling after a couple weeks of dead dick. About 40 days in I was horny and I started getting a boner so I just went with jerked off and that was it. It wasn’t like before though cause I didn’t watch porn or look at half naked chicks on instagram. It felt more natural and afterwards i actually felt relieved and happy instead of foggy and depressed.

So now I only jerk off maybe once a week if i have time and use most of that sexual energy towards more manful things and relationships. Not to mention my package looks a lot nicer and bigger tbh 😉 lol. Thank you noFap.

My confidence has sky rocketed and i can hold conversations keep eye contact a lot better than before. Thanks again.

This is what worked for me and i think that what helped me heal so fast was working out and eating healthy. Also setting a sleep schedule and sticking to it helps.

For anyone that wants to workout and needs a solid plan here’s mine: I’m 5’11” Start of October I was 169lbs now am 180lbs. Gained a lot of muscle. My physique has also changed a lot using this schedule. This is a 3 day workout regimen. The amount of reps is up to you. Learn as you go. Look up videos on youtube if you wanna learn proper technique and form to avoid injury of any type.

  • Monday: Squats, Calf Raises
  • Wednesday: Dead Lifts, Pull Ups, Shrugs, Curls
  • Friday: Bench Press, Push Ups

Any other questions feel free to ask. FYI: I am NOT a pro lifter. This is just a basic workout schedule. But it very well works for me. Hope you try this too. Thanks.

LINK – Cured ED and how I did it.. Also workout schedule..

by iLikeCornMuffins