ED cured, social anxiety 80% better.

Hello, long story short I masturbated on average 2 times a day to porn for 10 years. I never got into weird stuff, but to get full erection I needed to start masturbating first.

Around 7 years ago I noticed that abstaining from masturbation for at least 3 days made me more assertive and less shy/anxious. Even before finding noFap I tried to sustain from PMO, but my best streak was about 6 days. One day in party I almost had sex with some slut, but surprise surprise I couldn’t get hard. I got really depressed and started to google possible causes fo ED and found noFap subreddit. During my first streak of 30 days I found girlfriend, and couldn’t get hard unless she first gave be bj or hj. During my short vacation i relapsed, but my ED obviously was putting my girlfriend down, so I gave noFap another try, during second streak, around day 30 I started getting random erections, now I can get erection only thinking about sex with my girlfriend. Around day 35 I had sex 3 times in one day, although 3rd time i was semi-hard. Also social-anxiety is 80 percent gone.

I’m planning to updates on day 60 and 90. Good luck, brothers, noFap does really work. And sorry for bad English.

LINK – 40 days report. ED problems gone.

by iamawolfe