ED & delayed ejaculation seems cured. Quick recovery


This has been the longest I have ever gone on NoFap since I first began in late October 2014. Having a girlfriend, leading a busy life, and not merely doing No P, No M or No MO/PMO by themselves has contributed to my success. But take a step back and I realise it’s because of NoFap that I was even able to learn so much. Thank you community, but also thank you to our mod, Mr. Alexander Rhodes.

19 days in, had sex with girlfriend whom I love. Sensitisation came back, ejaculated in a few minutes.

Omg P.E. so bad right? Compared to the E.D. and D.E. I had in every sexual encounter before NoFap, this was amazing.

Round 2: after about 30 minutes, was able to get hard again, and once again ejaculated (although this time, it took a lot longer due to my exertion of self-control).

I have a feeling I may still have slight ED though. Could someone who has successfully rebooted describe how/when they realised their ED was completely cured?

Let’s go for 30 days, then 45 days, then 90 days. Thank you ladies and gentlemen.

TL;DR: 19 days in, had sex with girlfriend twice cf. DE and PIED. Want more success stories of what it will be like after reboot.

LINK – 19 days – sexual (dys)function cured! (Maybe…?)

by 20cents