ED? Gone with the wind in less than 90 days


Finally. Freaking finally. My main objective has been fulfilled. I expected it to take longer and was a little bit nervous because I MO’d twice just two days prior to meeting her. It went perfect in the end and it feels like I’ve finally re-discovered sex, with no failing soldier.

I’ve been abusing porn for about four years and succesfully desentizied myself. However, it didn’t take 90 days to get back on track. If you’re feeling hopeless and are fighting the urges, go try some real intimacy with another person. You might just be ready. Although 90 days of celiphacy/recovery is a great general guideline, it might be different for you.

Moving on with my life now and leaving this sub/alt with a new mindset. There might be urges but I genuinely feel done & disgusted by porn.

This sub is beautiful and I wish you all the best with your recoveries.

I’m 23! I’ve been part of his whole high speed generation but my porn didn’t become an abuse until I got a smartphone, which I luckily was very late with. Got a smartphone in late 2013 and since then my porn consumption has become worse and worse. Add a really dry era when sex wasn’t on the carpet.

LINK – Day 32: ED? – Gone with the wind

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