ED – I had sex last night with my wife…twice. And then she gave me a high five!

About 3 and a half weeks ago I was suffering from PIED. My wife wanted to have sex, and because I had just gotten off a weekend porn binge, I couldn’t get it up.

After biting the bullet and realizing that I was killing my relationship, I dove in and have been working to stay away from PMO. Last night, she offered again. And this time I was ready.

Not only did I have sex two times, which would have never happened while PMO was going on, but I also got up to turn on the fan IN THE MIDDLE of sex and was able to maintain a semi-erection as I walked across the room. I don’t think I’ve been able to stay hard while walking since middle school. And the fact that my recovery time was about two hours is just incredible to me. A few months ago I thought my recovery time was so long because I was just getting old. This morning, my wife commented that she couldn’t remember when the last time we did two times in one night. And then she gave me a high five!

I now have the memory of last night to help spur me on in moments of temptation. Keep up the work, my friends. It is well worth it.

LINK – I had sex last night…twice!

by wifeyisworthit