ED is cured: Just keep going, you will eventually heal (13 points of advice)

I’ve made huge progress, and I’m here to give you guys my tips and point of view. Anyway I wrote this topic ( http://www.yourbrainrebalanced.com/index.php?topic=29510.0) 2 months ago, and my story is in it which is similar to most stories here.

Anyway I am on 178 days streak, 3 months, and I’m porn free for 9 months. After 5 months in, my MW stopped progressing and i thought this won’t work for me. Last 10 days i had a lot of sex, and since yesterday I see myself cured, not completely, but I know things will only get better in days to come.

First day (of last 10 days) I had successful sex, but second day I couldn’t do it, and started over thinking. On third day I was at doctor, I was afraid I had prostate problems, since I had constant pain, hard time urinating and other weird symptoms. After appointment doctor told me everything is in perfect shape, and in that moment I realised it’s all in my head. Since than all my symptoms are gone because I realized that I’m creating them with my disturbed brain.

Later that night I opened to this girl I’m seeing and told her that I’m over thinking sex and I’m nervous so I don’t want to push things, got really emotional talk which helped me a lot, since I was completely numb last three years and unable to have normal enjoyable sex.

After that I said I to myself I don’t give a fuck about it, I don’t need to force sex. Later that evening we had sex 3 times, and it was amazing, felt libido coming back.

Next five days I didn’t think once about my erection quality, instead i was really confident, cocky and took control, thinking how will I get her crazy instead of thinking :OMG GET UP YOU PIECE OF SHIT. In last 24 hours I did it 5 times.

Point is, this shit needs time and self-realization, our brain is healing itself each day that we are PMO free. I also thought it’s the dopamine problem since I smoke 30 cigs a day and weed on daily basis, and now I realize its mind tricks and low self-esteem.

How did I see this process? I saw it like opportunity to progress, to rebuild my confidence, to do amazing social stuff. I worked hard and boosted my confidence through my achievements at work, exercised 4 times a week, socialized, and I am talking to women without thinking only about sex now, i enjoy their company.

My point is don’t fucking give up or over think. If you fail, it will slow your recovery, so don’t be harsh on yourself, but be determent to push through.
My tips:

1. Reduce usage of computer especially internet, get spam and porn blockers, limit your time on face book- this shit is keeping you in house and letting you just thinking how your life sucks!

2. Don’t you think about porn !!! Porn is shit, you don’t need it, you need women, and you’ll have them really soon, because if you stick to this and believe in yourself you ‘ll only grow bigger and stronger each day. When you get your confidence they’ll notice it believe me!

3. Don’t daydream, live!! Be in the moment all the time- for me it was most important thing- mindfulness. Learn about it, learn to breathe and relax. Stop thinking about yourself, get interest in everything, question all, be dominant, and believe in yourself!

4. Do things that you enjoy, get out and walk, run, deal with daily based stress, don’t neglect it, in 20 days it will become your habit to be confident.

5. Get real goals, start small, but get them, don’t just wait life to happen to you, progress everyday, get tired, and in before sleep remember what you accomplished, it will only make you stronger and you’ll wake up with smile on your face, which is more important than a boner in your pants! I learned to type really fast, did amazing things at work, I’m socializing constantly and rewiring with my friends, and letting go anxiety and computer/media addictions.

6. Stop using earphones and daydreaming. Use your time to be in moment, not daydreaming some stuff you wanna be or do.- this is slowing your recovery as well, get your goals and get them done ASAP, not tomorrow.

7. Stop thinking about your boner, MW, random erections and sex. Be true to yourself, stop worrying about it, don’t be ashamed, say to yourself I’m the boss, and improve on all other fields in your life.

8. stop reading shit press, read books instead, educate yourself, read success stories when you doubt yourself and you need motivation , instead of searching for your potential problem on forums. This will help you stay in positive state of mind.

9. Get emotional, love, care, be grateful!!! Don’t be robot, we all have our problems, in my opinion first you need emotional rewiring and after that sexual. Forgive yourself, don’t judge yourself, and enjoy your life like a human.

10. Most important thing smile. Always smile, smile is only attracting people and good things in life. Do it for some time it’ll become your habit, it will become part of you. Your stress levels will drop significantly, your chemistry will change and you’ll end up saying I DON’T GIVE A FUCK about all the problems in the world.

11. Start exercising, work on your body as much as you can! I do weight lifting, yoga for relaxation and muscle relaxing, and I’m a new guy now. Do brain games, quizzes, this will sharpen your focus and your mind skills.

12. GET ENOUGH SLEEP!!! It is the time when our brains and body’s are healing the best.

13. TIME!!!! Don’t wait 90 days or 180… Time will heal your brain when you let go this, when you start to reconnect with world in emotional sense. Believe it is working, and yes you are guy that will write similar post like this in some time, and you’ll be thankful as I am that this thing happened so you can improve yourself and be aware what you are in every moment.

This path you’re on will get you stronger each day, and in bad days just smile and believe in yourself.
Live your life instead thinking about it, socialize with everyone, enjoy small things and you’ll start liking the person in the mirror.

LINK – Just keep going

BY – Jesterrace