ED – My limp prick cost me my girlfriend: After six months of no PMO I’ve finally recovered!

My story isn’t anything special, I am just a normal guy who made some bad choices early in my life. After losing a girl I love cuz of my ED I took it upon myself to change.

I decided that enough was enough and I wasn’t going to let this get the better of me, the road was hard and long but well worth it. Flat-line felt like a living hell, cravings started up and struck at me with lethal intent but for all that I was able to resist. The trick is to understand why it is porn got a hold of you in the first place, for me replacing my addictive behaviour was the key to success. By replacing those addictive highly damaging habits with productive ones got me back to normal.

I’m happy to say that I’ve found someone else and this time I didn’t fail. From here it can only get better. Keep digging guys you’ll get there but not without some pan along the way.

Embrace it let it pass and you’ll be stronger for it:)

LINK – After six months of no PMO I’ve finally recovered!

BY – jakesfte101


INITIAL POST – Never knew Porn could mess me up like this, just started rebooting

Hey guys, I recently found out just what porn did to my mind and I’ve promised myself to never ever resort to porn again. I’ve been PMO free for about 27 days now. During the third week I had a wet dream and I’ve been in a horrible flat line ever since. Encouragement , tips, advice would be greatly appreciated. My limp prick cost me my gf…..yeah time for a change!